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The Construction Industry Council (CIC) was formed on 1 February 2007. CIC consists of a chairman and 24 members representing various sectors of the industry including employers, professionals, academics, contractors, workers, independent persons and Government officials.

The main functions of CIC are to forge consensus on long-term strategic issues, convey the industry’s needs and aspirations to Government, as well as provide a communication channel for Government to solicit advice on all construction-related matters. In order to propagate improvements across the entire industry, CIC is empowered to formulate codes of conduct, administer registration and rating schemes, steer forward research and manpower development, facilitate adoption of construction standards, promote good practices and compile performance indicators.

CIC has set up Committees to pursue initiatives that will be conducive to the long-term development of the construction industry. Further information is available on the  web pages of the Committees .



To drive for unity and excellence of the construction industry of Hong Kong.



To strengthen the sustainability of the construction industry in Hong Kong by providing a communications platform, striving for continuous improvement, increasing awareness of health and safety, as well as improving skills development.