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In April 2000, the Chief Executive appointed the Construction Industry Review Committee (CIRC) chaired by the Honourable Henry TANG to comprehensively review the current state of the construction industry and to recommend improvement measures. The Committee completed this task and submitted a report entitled “Construct for Excellence” to the Chief Executive in January 2001. The Report outlined 109 improvement measures covering the whole spectrum of construction activities to uplift the quality and cost-effectiveness of the industry.

One of the key observations in the Report was that whilst being a main pillar of our economy, the construction industry was highly fragmented and beset with an adversarial culture which impeded long-term development. It concluded that a statutory industry co ordinating body (ICB) encompassing all key sectors should be formed to promote the culture of self-regulation in a market-driven environment.

The Provisional Construction Industry Co-ordination Board (PCICB) was formed in September 2001 to spearhead industry reform and to pave way for the early formation of the statutory ICB. To achieve the objective of setting up an ICB, the CIC bill was first introduced into the Legislative Council in February 2004 and was enacted as the CIC Ordinance on 24 May 2006. CIC was then established on 1 February 2007 to take over the work of PCICB.